Take the Black Experience Challenge

Think that black people are crying victim?  Think they’re playing the “race card”?  Take the challenge.  Spend one whole weekend with your black male friend.

Starting Friday night, drive to the movies with him in his car.  Stop for a bite to eat.  Drive home at midnight or whatever hour your social activities end.  Wake up in the morning and go out for coffee in your usual weekend morning clothes.  Run a few errands.  Take a walk.  Take a walk with headphones. Take a walk with a hoodie. Take a walk with your cuddly rescued pit bull.  Then report back.  Take note of people’s eye contact.  Take note of the door being held for you.  Take note of people’s physical distance.  Take note of the attention you get at places of business – good and bad.

Maybe there will be no incidents.  But I bet if enough people try it, many will find it very different from their experiences going out in alone in their white skin.

Don’t have a black male friend to try this with?  Then your opinion on equal treatment of races is completely irrelevant.

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Tree-friendly Utilities


According to our utility company, we should only plant trees that will grow so short that they won’t interfere with the hideous power lines.  Have you ever really focused on the utility wires? I mean really focused? After you try it, you can’t see anything else.

The utility companies ask that we plant “utility-friendly” trees. They even establish guidelines for this. The main guideline? Trees should not grow more than 25 feet. Hmmm…that’s not a tree. That’s a weed.

I am saddened that our trees are so badly damaged and ultimately killed by poorly trained utility workers. It is not harder or more expensive to prune a tree correctly. With a small amount of training, a tree trimmer can cut the branches of a tree so that the tree remains strong and healthy. Yet they’re not.

If you hired an arborist to trim your trees and they looked like the trees under the utility lines, you’d file a lawsuit. You’d call the better business bureau.

Yet everyday, utility companies send out poorly trained crews in bucket trucks with chainsaws to inflict unhealable wounds on trees that ultimately cause them to die or fall in a windstorm.

Recent storms have left people understandably wary of large trees. Yet look around at the trees that are 60 or more feet tall. They have survived thousands of wind and ice storms and they’re strong. What do they have in common? Their integrity has not been destroyed by careless pruning.

Tell your utility companies that you like your trees more than you like their wires.



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