How did you know I needed a new roof?

As I’m hustling through the big box store, grabbing a case of yogurt, two gallons of milk, a gallon of Frank’s Hot Sauce, and 3 dozen eggs, a clairvoyant descends upon me, clipboard in hand.

Are you a homeowner? Why yes, I reply from deep inside the dairy cooler, mystified by this stranger’s intuition.

What kind of home improvement project are you interested in?

Amazing. I must’ve given away my desperate need for new siding by the way I checked the sell by dates.

How about a new roof? Yes! I answer excitedly, juggling four pounds of butter and a multi-pack of whipped cream. How did you know?

As I move my garbage truck sized cart out of the way of other last-minute shoppers, the sales psychic continues excitedly, When can we send a contractor to your house?

Why, as soon as I unload my 46 rolls of paper towels, 20 pounds of laundry detergent, and 64 ice cream sandwiches of course!

Here I thought that my last minute frantic trip to the store would only be for my forgotten holiday necessities. What did we do before the home-improvement angels descended on the big box stores?

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The Reason for the Season

What do you do when a holy day is trampled on by commercialism, materialism, and greed?  What do you do when, in an effort to attract people who do not celebrate said holy day, the day is renamed, repackaged, and remarketed?

How about nothing?  If the holiday was holy to you before it was commercialized – and let’s face it, no one currently living was alive last time it wasn’t commercialized – no one can take that away from you.  No “Happy Holidays” no “Season’s Greetings”  No “Merry Xmas” can change what your spiritual holiday means to you.  So why get your knickers in a twist over it?

There seems to be a great need to be a martyr when it comes to faith.  Many people seem to vie for the most persecuted. Are you being persecuted whenever someone wishes you a Happy Holiday instead of a Merry Christmas?  

In most cases, it’s nothing more than an effort to cast a wide net into your “holiday” sales that might otherwise be limited by a more specific greeting. It does not rob me of my beliefs. It does not diminish the miracle of Christmas. It is not a war on religion.

It’s capitalism, plain and simple.

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