1952 Immigration and Nationality Act – The Big Red Flush

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June 27, 1952 United States immigration policies changed, and not for the better. Commonly called the McCarran-Walter Act, the bill sought to exclude immigrants that were criminals, immoral,diseased, or political radicals, particularly communists. Anyone who had any association with communism could just forget about entry. The ban on all Asians were lifted, except for the Japanese.  Because of World War II, the Japanese were “out”, and the Chinese, the “good Asians”, were “in”. This was their reward for being such great allies in the war with Japan. Quotas would still exist, rigidly controlling entry according to ethnicity by nation of origin. However, if you were a good candidate for assimilation into the nation’s economy, society and political system, and, more importantly, white, odds were you’d get in. This was all done in the name of national security.

Because of the Soviet Union’s success at spreading the practice of Communism throughout…

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What being liberal isn’t, necessarily.

It has come to my attention that someone is selling conservatives a host of propaganda about what, as a liberal, I believe.  We liberals have also been handed a bunch of nonsense that lumps all conservatives together, so I guess it’s to be expected.  But I need to set the record straight for myself, and the vast majority of liberals I know.

I do not burn flags.  I do not stomp on them nor perform personal hygiene with them, nor do I support such practice.  In fact, I’ve never in my life seen an American flag burned, stomped on, or used for hygiene perposes.  Except on the Facebook feeds of a few very angry conservative friends.  Really, I think we can rest at ease.  This is not an epidemic.

The American flag is required to be saluted in public school classrooms in every state except for Hawaii, Iowa, Vermont, and Wyoming.  I have known about a half dozen students in my life who have refused to salute.  Every one of them was a Jehovah’s Witness and their refusal was not disrespect of America, but due to a belief that nothing and no one but God should receive that type of reverence.  This flag desecration is a malady invented to spread panic and rage.

I do not support bestiality or pedophilia.  Can’t believe that even needs to be said.  The right for two adults to decide together to enter into a legal contract to declare one another “spouse” is what I support.

I am not a drug user.  I support medical marijuana because it eases suffering.  Personally I don’t use it, but really have very little interest in the legalize-criminalize debate.  Just not an issue I care about.

I do not follow or even admire Al Sharpton.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I watched or read anything featuring him.  His manner of capitalizing on events that genuinely need to be discussed bothers me.  I don’t disagree with everything he says, but when I agree, it’s certainly not because he said it.  I know racism is a problem in this country.   When I talk about it, I’m not calling you a racist.  If you think I am, I suggest you examine your own conscience to determine why that’s hitting a nerve.

Al Gore is not the reason I want to live on a clean planet, so his carbon credits do not not nullify every environmental protection ever discussed.  That’s just stupid.  Our earth is polluted.  Climate change is both a natural cycle and exacerbated by human activity.  Denying it will not help people with asthma.  It will not help people have access to clean water.  It will not help us to become independent of those who control fossil fuels.  There is no downside to reducing pollution and conserving resources. 

I am not an atheist.  I would wager that atheists tend to be more politically liberal, but they still make up less than 3% of the population of the US.  Even the atheists I know are not declaring a war on Christianity or Judeasm.  They are asking to be left to their beliefs.  Most liberals, atheist or not, are extremely moral people.  The vast majority of liberal-minded people I know have a belief in a higher power.  

Personally my liberal attitudes are driven by my spiritual beliefs.  Respecting humanity.  Caring for the disadvantaged.  Forgiveness.  Peace.  My beliefs simply don’t line up with the death penalty, elimination of welfare, exclusion of healthcare, discrimination, or destruction and gluttony related to our environment.

If there is one thing I could ask of everyone, it’s please don’t assume.  I won’t assume that you are a woman-oppresssing, greedy, racist homophobe if you don’t assume I’m a flag burning, entitlement seeking, immoral drug addict.

If you are getting news from a source that is telling you what someone thinks, look it up yourself.  Find the speech they are “paraphrasing” for you.  Keep an open mind.  We may not be as different as the media wants us to believe.

And please, please.  No more “sheeple”.

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